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The Party Co. Team offers delivery based on item selection. Please check the Booking Process of your item to determine delivery radius, delivery fees are calculated per mile from our storefront to the event address. Delivery is not charged prior to placing your order, if you have any questions regarding delivery cost or availability for your date pleaseContact Us prior to ordering. Someone must be able to receive delivered items at the event location.Please note balloons are sensitive to temperatures and should be stored inside until time of event to ensure durability and prevent deflating.


The Party Co. offers free local pickup in Oneonta, AL. Once your booking/order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email with an Acuity link to schedule your appointment. We offer scheduled pick ups during the week, primarily on Fridays from 12-4pm. Sunday and Monday pick ups are currently not available.  If you need balloons for Sunday/Monday, please get in touch about a Friday pick up.  Please arrive with an empty car and let us know when you have arrived - we will help you load your balloons up!  Please note if balloons do not fit in your vehicle, we are not able to offer same day deliveries at this time due to the nature of our schedule.  If you have questions about whether items will fit or not, please contact us prior to your pick up date!


We are proud to offer nationwide shipping for our shippable items. Please note if ordering online, allow for 5-7 business days for the order to process and ship. If you need an expedited order, please contact us directly at info@thepartycoshop.com to reach us quickly. Due to the nature of shipping at this time, we cannot guarantee items will arrive within the specified



The Party Co. offers various rental options for your events, see the Party Rentals tab for all we are currently offering.Rentals are available on a first come first serve basis, and will be reserved accordingly.  Your event will be placed on our calendar once payment is received. If you book a rental and your date is not available, our Team will be in touch ASAP to discuss other options or a refund will be available.Rentals are typically available for 48 hours unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon.Property of The Party Co. that is rented must remain intact and in the same condition as was delivered.If damages occur, a minimum fee of $200 will be charged and assessed based on the item being rented/damaged.Rentals by The Party Co. could be hazardous if used improperly, moved by the renter, etc., and should not be adjusted/moved by the renter after our Team has item in place.If adjustments must be made, please let us know prior to our team leaving the location of the event, or if needed contact our Team immediately to discuss options.The Party Co. is not responsible or held liable for injuries that could occur with improper use of our rental items.


Balloons, balloon string, and other items purchased are hazardous materials if swallowed or improperly used. The Party Co. is not responsible or held liable for any injuries that could occur from products purchased due to improper use.  Rental props are hazardous if improperly used or moved and should not be adjusted once in place.  The Party Co. is not responsible for injuries or damages that could occur from improper use described above.  We do not have control over weather, acts of God, or other sources that could cause damage to balloons/rentals or your property, and are not liable for issues that could arise due to weather/unforseen events. 

Helium balloons are very sensitive to extreme temperatures and function best in a climate controlled area of approx. 70-72 degrees.  Extreme temperatures can cause helium balloons to shrink/pop and should be kept indoors during such weather to avoid damages.  The Party Co. is not responsible for damaged balloons out of our possession.  If purchasing a balloon garland and installation by The Party Co., you agree to the use of command hooks to anchor the garland in the agreed upon location of the install.  The Party Co. is not responsible or held liable/responsible for any issues that might occur when removing command hooks.



Cancellations occurring 30 days prior to the event will only be charged the initial non-refundable deposit (25% of your total order cost before tax), cancellations occurring 2 weeks or less prior to reserved date/time will be charged the deposit + $100 fee.If canceling due to an unforeseen event or crisis or inclement weather, The Party Co. will discuss on an individual basis and work with the client on rescheduling.


All sales for balloons are final.  Refunds will not be available for damaged balloons (popping/deflating etc.) out of our possession.  Please follow guidelines in order to extend balloon life as long as possible.  If you are unhappy with your purchase please let us know immediately or no later than 6 hours of purchase.

If purchasing party supplies or gifting options (items excluding balloons or rentals), returns may be available for unopened, unused, non-customized options.  Item must maintain original packaging and condition to be eligible for return.  You have 14 business days to make and process a return on these items.


Answer hereBy Hiring/Purchasing items from The Party Co., I consent and understand and agree to all of the above.  I also grant the permission of The Party Co. to use images and/or video related to this transaction for marketing purposes or on our social media platforms.

Please review, read, and save the following Waiver & Agreement for our Party Rentals as well as Balloon Waiver & Agreement.  Upon checking out, you will be prompted to electronically agree to abide by these terms prior to checking out. The Party Co. LLC will not be held responsible for any damages, injuries, acts of God or other issues that could arise causing damages to property, personal/bodily injury due to improper use of rentals or balloons, or other factors that arise out of our control.

Rental Waiver & Agreement

Balloon Waiver & Agreement